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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Antique Oriental Rugs

The Quest For The Perfect Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs
Antique Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rugs Gallery
From the front of the store to the back, the antique oriental rugs were mesmerizing and you wanted to take them all home. As they lay on the floor and when you get a chance to walk on them, you just feel special – almost like royalty. They were bright, light and colorful. Some were made with gold colored thread. Some were long and wide, and others were long and narrow. Some were squared and some were round.

Each time we went to the store, we were hoping to take one home. One day, we did. It was so beautiful – as beautiful in our home as it was in the store. My parents laid the rug down on the carpet that was wall-to-wall, and it blended in just right. Its red and burgundy colored background just made the room pop against the lighter colored carpet on the floor.
Every time we stepped on that living room floor in the morning, noon or night we felt special to have this ever-present beauty on our floor. Some of our friends had them too but ours always seemed special and new. My mother kept it so clean and polished that it felt soft and inviting each time we passed through the room and when others would come over to visit us, they were in awe.
Having an oriental rug on our floor especially at that time looked like we were rich. It was more that my parents knew what to spend money on and having an oriental rug on the floor was a good choice. Personally, I think anyone who has the good taste to purchase an oriental rug is smart. Not only does it bespeak of grandeur and class, but it brings a certain style and glamour to a home, office or government building.

In fact, I believe I first saw oriental rugs in a government building in the middle of downtown. When you stepped into the building and onto that rug you believed that you were in a place of respect. That’s the other thing the rug produces in people, a certain respect for the building that houses it. Looking upon oriental rugs even today makes me smile and feel happy. These rugs will never go out of style.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antique Oriental Rugs - A Personal Story

Antique Oriental Rug Gallery

Antique Oriental Rugs
Antique oriental rugs were my favorite things growing up. They were laid around my grandfather’s mansion in every single room, and you could sit on them for hours in comfort and look at all the patterns and colors in a dizzying array of weaving. There were so many in the house because it had so many rooms, and there were ones of every color to look through. Eventually, the rugs were passed on to immediate members of the family when my grandfather died and his house was sold. We were all lucky to get this inheritance because they are such great assets that hold up their value well. Not a lot of people understand the significance of antique oriental rugs today. They think they’re just decorative items or that you can simply duplicate them with a single trip into the rug store. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You cannot duplicate, replicate, recreate, or remake an antique oriental rug because there is so much artistry, craftsmanship, and old world feel inside of them. A ton of people think you can just get any rug, and it will have the same feeling as an oriental rug, but nothing could be further from the truth. Antique oriental rugs are incredibly hard to find at a cheap price, and you have to pay a pretty penny for them, but they are worth it because they are the best rugs you can find. They are better than anything modern as far as rugs go.

When I first moved into my new apartment after graduating from college, I was given some of these rugs for my collection, and I strew them all over the house liberally. Guests were astonished at how rich and rustic my home looked, and I was a formidable contender in the design department on online websites that evaluated home designs and small apartment designs. Everything about oriental rugs adds an old world comfortable feel to what you’ve got in your home. It is a great addition to any home, and it can really make your home feel like a new place. Even though the rugs are old, they still look new to visitors because there is so much artistry woven into them. All of my friends simply adore my antique oriental rugs, and they have become the most important part of my life so far for design sake. They are the central components of my living room. They add an ambience to the room.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs
As a child I remember the richness and the wool texture of the antique oriental rugs in my grandmother's home. Growing up with that connected warmth and feeling of home has always attracted me to antique oriental rugs with their rich floral designs and their captivating intricate workmanship.I love the amazing variety in textures, history and design. They add new history to a person's home. The aesthetic value is appealing, especially over a rich wooden floor with the antique rug serving as a unique centerpiece to the room.

Although they are a coveted item, I have never personally owned one in my own home. I have settled for small replicas in entry ways and under dining room tables. But, the heart still yearns for that satisfying experience. Playing in antique stores always makes for a satisfying trip when I experience the find of a new pattern full of its unique and exotic persona. The smells of time past and the handmade quality continue to attract and fill a small peace in my soul when perusing through a collection all seated there with their palette of eclectic intricacies. Visualizing each one with its own form of handmade beauty and rich patina that charms in its own fashion. Discovering some are partners of royalty or risqué partners adds to the intrigue.
Antique Oriental Rugs

If the money factor were not an issue one would reside on my living room floor telling its own story of places in its past and settling in to a new home making future history more interesting. The beauty and warmth of rich, colorful hues would bask akin with the comfort of a warm fireplace and evenings with fine stories with family and friends.

 It is a little dream, a small treasure hunt, but one worthy of further pursuit. The hunt makes for a small pastime with a possible good ending. The trek is a continuing journey of multiple little wins with each newly discovered pattern, or a find of one with an especially interesting story is experienced and treasured for a moment. Yes, one of those artistic oriental rugs may someday find its way into my own investment of collected, aged history. Only time will tell for sure.