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Friday, April 27, 2012

Buy Antique & Vintage Rugs To Help Save The Environment

Interior design - Decorating with antiques to save the environment
Eco Friendly Rugs
Eco Friendly Moroccan Rugs
The use of antique and prayer rugs and textiles gives a home owner the opportunity to introduce a flare of sophistication to their personal space. By decorating with antiques, a homebuyer or decorator can rest assure that they are not only adding style and personality to their home, but are also doing their part towards living a greener life. Antiques, especially rare and antique textiles, provide their owner with the quality of yesterday that continues to withstand the daily use of today.

Most decorating items that are manufactured today, are not regulated by laws such as eco-conscious practices. In turn, this leads to a negative impact on our environment and jeopardizes our environment for generations to come. By decorating with antiques, you can rest assure that your rare items are being reused in the most efficient way possible. This decreases our carbon footprint dramatically because new items are not being created in nonregulated factories.

Buyers can not denying the quality that comes with antique oriental rugs and vintage rugs (as an example). Manufacturers were definitely held to a higher standard in the past. This is why rare textiles continue to be very sought after decorating items. By breathing life back into an antique rug, you're able to show off your personality and creativity with a one-of-a-kind item while being confident of its eco-conscious sources.

By purchasing antique textiles, you are able to decrease the need for both the new and raw materials that would otherwise be used to create a new piece. In turn, this also helps to reduce the impact that manufacturing has on our environment and the ozone layer. This direct correlation between manufacturers and the ozone layer stems from unsafe manufacturing which emits harsh and dangerous toxins into our atmosphere. As a buyer of rare and antique pieces, you are doing your part to make sure that this danger is avoided.

Antique items are very beneficial to their collectors because they have already done their offgassing because of their age. This ensures that your collector’s piece will not have any impact on your indoor air quality. New items often admit unknown gases and substances into the air without the buyer's knowledge. This creates an unsafe level of air quality and any home or workplace, which has the potential to negatively affect people as well as pets that share the space.

It is a big misconception that newer items are considered to be better when decorating. The purchase of antique and rare items not only gives you a peace of mind when it comes to leading a healthier eco friendly and greener life, but they also provide a much-needed personality boost to your space. This sophisticated and worldly characteristic is very hard to come by in new items.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Rugs

The Artistry of Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rugs
Vintage Rugs
I had just moved into my first new place and I had no idea where to start with my interior design. I had a clean slate on which to paint all my creative ideas but I was having a difficult time pulling all my desires together. I wanted a cohesive design, not the confusing mixture of old and new furniture in different finishes and styles that my previous home had consisted of. I thought if I found just one piece that spoke to me, I would have my starting point for my entire decor. When my eyes fell upon a vintage rug on display in the window of an antique rug dealer, it all finally made sense.

For me, the word vintage evokes an entirely different feeling than the word antique. Describing something as vintage makes it sound more eclectic and dated, but in a good way. Using the word antique brings thoughts of something older and perhaps more delicate and classic. Antiques tend to have a higher inherent monetary value while vintage objects hold a more sentimental connotation.

I felt such wistful wonder as I admired the beauty of the vintage rug in the store. It appealed to my love of color with its unique mixture of hues and it drew my eye endlessly across its modernist weaving pattern. When I ran my fingers lightly over the fabric it felt both delicate and durable and I was left trying to decide if I wanted to lay it on my floor or hang it on my wall. The artistry of it lent it to being both floor covering and tapestry.

I memorized the colors and patterns of that vintage rug and returned home to do a bit more research on the history of it. Vintage rug designs originated in the 1920's and got their influence from countries such a France, Germany, China and Scandinavia. Most notably known for defining the style of vintage rugs are the countries in Scandinavia, more specifically Sweden. This style of rug even has origins in Morocco and it's fascinating that the combination of colors and weaving patterns is found in so many different cultures.

Vintage rugs are a fitting accent for both modern and contemporary interior design. Their flexibility as a compliment to decor is why they are experiencing new resurgence. With so many different focal points to them, vintage rugs are truly capable of pulling together or launching the entire theme of a room.