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Monday, February 20, 2012

Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs - One Persons Personal Story

Antique Oriental Rugs
I remember the first time I walked into a rug store (when I was a young child) I was taken aback by all the beauty that surrounded me. From the front of the store to the back, the oriental rugs were mesmerizing and I wanted to take them all home. As they lay on the floor and when you get a chance to walk on them, you just feel special – almost like royalty. They were bright, light and colorful. Some were long and wide, others were long and narrow, some were squared and some round but I could not help but think how beautiful each one was.

Antique Oriental Rug
Each time my parents went to the store, we were hoping to take one home and then, one day, we did! It was so beautiful – and even more so in our home than it was in the store. My parents laid the rug down and it blended in just right. Its colors and design just made the room pop against the lighter colored floor. 

Each time we stepped on that living room floor in the morning, noon or night we felt special to have this ever-present beauty on our floor. Some of our friends had them too but ours always seemed special and unique. My mother kept it so clean and polished that it felt soft and inviting each time we passed through the room. And, when others would come over to visit us, they were in awe. 

Having an oriental rug on our floor, especially at that time, made it seem like we were rich. My parents knew what to spend money on and having an authentic oriental rug on the floor was a good choice. Personally, I think anyone who has the good taste should purchase an oriental rug. Not only does it bespeak of grandeur and class, but it brings a certain style and glamour that will enhance any space.

In fact, I believe I first saw oriental rugs in a government building in the center of my town. When you stepped into the building and onto that rug you believed that you were in a place of respect. That’s the other thing the rug produces in people, a certain respect for the building that houses it. 
Looking upon oriental rugs even today makes me smile and feel happy. These rugs will never go out of style and I give all the credit to my parents who opened my eyes to the beauty of these coveted works of art.